Restoration of Creation

The Coming Dawn Ep. 16 & 17
Out of Nexus. & Into the Depths

Location: Nexus, Grey River – Southbound, The Paired Tomb
Characters: Joyous Unfettered Ivory, Silent Northern Starfall, Krailyn Zgyr, Tamlyn, Diathias, Forsaken River, Silver Rose, Nyela.
Notable NPCs: Ginger, Hobbleses, Ship Captains,

I spy with my little eye… something green. “Is it a tree…” YES!

Session Experience:

Ivory 4+4
Silent 4+4
Krail 4+4
Tamlyn 4+2
Diathias -
River 2+4
Nyela 5+4
Rose 4+4

The Coming Dawn Ep. 14 & 15
But for a price...

Location: Nexus
Characters: Joyous Unfettered Ivory, Silent Northern Starfall, Krailyn Zgyr, Tamlyn, Diathias, Forsaken River, Nyela, Silver Rose.
Notable NPCs: Mah, Rybnyk, Nyliark.

Tamlyn and Silent went to seek out slavers, for their “damaged” goods.
Met with a man named ______, a slaver, and making a deal for his damaged goods.
Outside a man tells them how to get to Mah’s Home Slaves Emporium after being asked where to find a female slaver.
They arrive at Mah’s establishment, Silent stays with the weapons, Tamlyn is taken to Mah’s bookkeeper, Nyliark, who gave Tamlyn the rules for speaking to Mah.
Tamlyn goes to meet with Mah and finds himself in a bit of a pickle.
Tamlyn comes back down from the meeting, an hour later, thoroughly drugged up, and heads back to the ship with Silent.
Rose set out to get her belongings moved to the ship, especially the gift passed down from her ancestors. She then got her other effects, and house in order in preparation for the trip.

Evening- day 5:
Rose’s heirloom and her belongsings arrive, Diathias and Silent decide to give the substantial mortal moving crew a break from the lifiting and take the crate themselves.
Diathias leaves Silent standing alone with the crate: Rose has a heart attack.
100 women arrive at the ships, calling to meet with Tamlyn, who is too high to care at the time.
Krail claims to be Tamlyn, seeing a business opportunity.
Diathias talks him out of it.
Diathias takes Tamlyn to the infirmary to tie him to the sugeon’s table so he does not fall into the water, or hurt himself in the process, forcing Tamlyn to sober himself up, gaining him limit.
Tamlyn meets with the woman, she hands him a letter from Mah, he tells her the situation and has them sent to the rear boat for their lodging, then has the newly arriving sickly slaves loaded into the infirmary. Sends the slavers to Krail for their payment aboard The Shore Leave.
Diathias leads the men to Krail, and Krail reluctantly agrees to the terms for payment.
Diathias escorts them to the ship and stresses the concequences for actions against the girls on The Shore Leave.
Tamlyn gets to work healing the sick.

River, having left the ship, pursues his mark, and begins scouting the layout of his property to find that the guard appears to have been doubled, and heightened.
He sneaks over and is forced to kill a guard who was about to raise the alarm, but River was not quite quick enough, and he was able to make some noise before he died.
More guards arrive to investigate the situation and find their comrade dead, and raise the alarm.
The captain of the guard comes to investigate, and after looking over the body, deems the man died of severe food poisoning.
An individual guard calls the captain out on his bad deduction and is sent to a room at the far end of the grounds to have his attitude “adjusted.”
River climbs the wall to the house to the largest window on the third floor, with gold curtain: likely the room of his mark.
After spending time to remove one of the panes from its housing, he listens into the room to see if he can hear any signs of movement and realizes that one of the 2 people in the room is not breathing in the rhythm of a person that is asleep.
River creeps into the room and over to the bedside of the person who seems to have been awakened by thr commotion outside and strikes him three times in the throat with his claws, killing the man instantly.
The second figure in the bed wakes from the commotion and begins screaming, River dispatches her with 2 blows to the chest, grabs the short jade Daiklave that the mark had stashed under his pillow, and quickly leaps from the window to a nearby building and into the night, as the guards break the door to the bedroom down.

Ivory and Diathias head out to the arena do blow off steam.

Session Experience:

Ivory 2 + 4 = 6
Silent 4 + 4 = 8
Krail 4 + 4 = 8
Tamlyn 4 + 4 = 8
Diathias 4 + 2 = 6
River 2 + 4 = 6
Nyela 2 + 4 = 6
Rose 4 + 4 = 8

The Coming Dawn Ep. 13
Nexus, city of plenty.

Location: Nexus- Various Districts
Characters: Joyous Unfettered Ivory, Silent Northern Starfall, Krailyn Zgyr, Tamlyn, Diathias, Forsaken River, Nyela, Silver Rose.
Notable NPCs: Shalrina, The Weathered Old Man, Tank: The Invincible Sun, Forest, Ginger.
Enemies: Pickpocket, Opium Traders (x4).

Ivory and Forest tracked down the pickpocket that stole from her. They then interrogated them to find out where the money was, and then proceded to “liberate” the remaining stolen goods, taint opium and intoxicants, and left. On his way out Forest manages to set fire to the thieve’s den without Ivory noticing. The two then made their way back to the ships, Ivory having an increased sadness at the situation, and the state of the city, though she did not know why.

Tamlyn continued searching for Shalrina, the Daimyo of Faces, getting ever closer to his goal. After asking many of the people in the area, he was able to find a person who had met her, and was able to get one of her masks. The man, Rith, was in his later years, and denied knowing anything about the Daimyo, or her shop. Though, through his superior charms, Tamlyn was finally able to find the location of the shop. Following the directions, he ran to a dead end, only to realize he must have passed the shop, and promptly turned back to find the shop. Upon entry, he held a brief conversation with the attendant, and requested her services to have a mask made. She told him the terms of the agreement, that he would owe her a favor, of her choosing, at a time of her choosing. Finding the terms agreeable, Tamyln told her he was a healer by trade, and she set to work to make his mask better than it was before. While waiting for his commission to be completed, Tamlyn set to work, finding his circle-mates finely crafted mundane masks to match their personalities. For Diathias, he found a tribal mask from a tribe that held similar customs to his that was worn by warriors during battle. Forsaken River, being a stealthy and desiring to remain anonymous, would get a mask of pure white with red spiral and writing running on the outside of half of it. For Krail, his taste being of a finer origin, was given a silver and gold masquerade mask. For Ivory he purchased a mask that resembled a mischievous harlequin. Silent, being of strong body, seemed as though a ox mask made of leather with actual horns would be most fitting. For Ginger, one of his closest friends, Tamlyn bought a noble fox mask made out of beaten silver, with red-orange enameling. Within the hour, the god returned, her work finished. She handed Tamlyn his improved mask, which now was brushed clean, reformed to fit his face better, and included brass accents throughout the line-work of the mask. The mask now featured 2 long brass fangs that ran down his cheeks. After paying for his gifts, Tamlyn set out to return to the ship.

Nyela, having just returned from another scavenging operation, was looking for a place to sell her newly acquired , realize that she was being followed. She ducked into a side alley to confront her stalker. The woman approached her and introduced herself as Ginger, the executive assistant to her master, Krail. She then handed Nyela a scroll of paper, that requested she join her on a ship later that evening for a business opprotunity, as her specific set of skills would be quite useful on the journey her master was embarking on. Nyela said she would give it some thought and left.

Diathas, after being told fighting didn’t occur in the streets due to the city’s very strict laws on violence, went to see if he could find himself a fighting arena. After a few hours of looking he was beckoned by a strange man, inquiring if he was a fighter and was looking to make some money. Diathas followed the man to a weathered trap door that led down into the city’s underground. He had to squeeze a bit to fit himself through the portal, but was soon bombarded by the smells and sounds that accompanied any arena. The man registered Diathas for the next available match, and gave him a quick breakdown of the rules involved for combat. Diathas first squared off against a small human man, Chopper, who quickly began to regret participating in the fight. Diathus, stonefaced, looked at Chopper and told him he had 5 swings, then it was his turn. Swing one Diathus caught the blade with his hand, and crushed the metal into a mangled mess. Swing two was a repeat of the first. Chopper pulled his knife and struck Diathas in the chest, breaking the knife. With this, Chopper believed it better that he not be in the arena any longer and ran. Diathas pursued the terrified man, catching him by his head and “placed” him on the chair. The chair gave way to the sheer force with which he helped the man to his seat and splintered across the floor. Chopper sat in a crumpled mass on the on the floor. Cheers erupted from the crowd, and Diathas watched as a Dragon-Blooded took out five mortals with relative ease. Finally Diathas grew tired of waiting to take on a real challenge called out the Dragon-Blooded, and told him he was allowed to use a his artifacts for the fight. The announcer said that there was approval for such a match, and had the artifact weapon brought to him.

Valkupo continued his test of strength tour.

River took his window to the ship and prepared to take out his mark.

Rose also recieved a letter from Ginger.

Ivory and Diathus were going to return to the arena for some more fighting.

Session Experience:

Ivory 4
Silent 4
Krail 2
Tamlyn 4
Diathias 4
River 4
Nyela 4
Rose 4

The Coming Dawn Ep. 11 & 12
The Journey Begins: Onward to Nexus!

Location: The Yanaze River Eastbound, Nexus
Characters: Joyous Unfettered Ivory, Silent Northern Starfall, Krailyn Zgyr, Tamlyn, Diathias, Forsaken River.
Notable NPCs:

You did stuffs, you in Nexus now.

Session Experience:

Ivory 4+4
Silent 4+4
Krail 4+4
Tamlyn 4+4
Diathias 4+4
River 4+4

The Coming Dawn Ep. 10
Rest, Relaxation and the strategic Redistrobution of wealth

Location: Centek, Centek Region
Characters: Ivory, Silent, Krail, Tamlyn, Diathias, River,
Notable NPCs: Isaiah, Weathered Obsidian Shoreline, Koto Ei (Book Bitch), Captain Peleps Nedal, Captain Peleps Taramo, Ginger, Page Jade Spark,
Enemies: N/A

After returning home from “commandeering” the enemy’s ships, the Pelfor and the Nightcrest, and their respective crews the circle decided to take a much needed rest. Tamlyn, after checking on the refugees in the hold, went to the captain and boosted further the moral of the townsfolk of Centek through the strategic use of charms. Joyous Unfettered Ivory went to seek out pastries to sate her hunger, and then went to stay the evening at Krail’s mansion. Krail and Silent Northern Starfall helped the ship captains and their crews to unload the refugees and find them suitable housing. Diathas, on the other hand, went to pay the Earth Aspect that he had faced on the battle field the prior day a visit. He offered the Dragon-Blooded a deal which might win him his freedom: if the Dragon-Blooded could survive a week of facing him in combat, Diathas would let the warrior go on the eighth morning forgiven for his crimes against Lookshy.
On his way home from the ship, Forsaken River was paid a visit by his increasingly innocuous guild contact and told that he had a new mark, the one that got away: Isaiah. Thinking back on his interactions with the mountain of a man, Forsaken River was able to deduce that the best course of action was to poison his former comrade and frame an enemy insurgent for the murder. Forsaken River waited outside for Isaiah to leave his home later that evening, using a charm to disengage the lock. Forsaken River then stalked into the home, without either Koto Ei or Jade Spark noticing his presence, and poisoned the houses tea and food with Arrow Frog Venom. After an hour of waiting in the shadows his mark returned from his excursion, roughed up Koto Ei for falling asleep on the job, and retired to his study to continue his research on the Soulsteel coin he had acquired a few weeks prior. Some time went by when suddenly a book was flung from upstairs, hitting Koto in the head. Koto got up and went to fetch his master his evening tea and bread in a nearly robotic method. Isaiah took the poisoned tea and bread pausing momentarily after taking his fist sip of the tea, swishing the liquid around in his mouth, shrugged, and drained the cup of it’s contents. The venom went to it’s work with haste, Isaiah immediately noticed the toxin’s effect. He then stared accused his book bitch of poisoning him. It was at this time Forsaken River made himself known only to Isaiah, indicating that it was, in fact, River that had poisoned him. In his last breaths, Isaiah reached for Koto and tried to throw the assistant at his new foe, but was unable to work through the pain the toxin had inflicted on him. Now completely overtaken by the venom ,and thrown off balance, Isaiah and Koto both fell down the stairs, Isaiah unconscious and dying by the time he hit the floor at the base of the staircase. Forsaken River then walked up to his mark and inflicted a grievous wound on his mark which filled his lungs with additional blood. He then checked to see if Koto was a liability that needed to be addressed but luckily for the assistant, he was unconscious from the fall as well. The young page, Jade Spark, stopped his practice with the martial arts dummy in the upstairs training room to see if he heard any more commotion. Assuming that the noise was merely another one of Koto’s “lessons” the boy went back to his training. To prove he had finished his contract for the guild, Forsaken River removed Isaiah’s thumb, retreating the same way he came in: unnoticed.

Session Experience:

Ivory 4
Silent 4
Krail 4
Tamlyn 5
Diathias 4
River 5

Restoration Ep. 31
Calibration Day 2, Part 4

Location: Mistvale, Mistvale Region
Characters: Haven, Jaden, Kukka, Marina, Sonza, Tank.
Notable NPCs: Jenna, Magistrate Ico, Sahra, Chari.

Sonza recovered the plan placing Jenna in custody, and took Tank to the predetermined space outside the city.
Tank made it look like he knocked Sonza unconscious and made a run for it into the woods only to be chased down by some large catlike creature.
Jayden, Chari, Sonza and Kukka all gave pursuit.
Sonza and Tank square off against the beast, nearly killing it just as Jayden and Chari(in animal form) arrive on the scene.
Chari expresses Sahra should be placed into custody, but seems hesitant on the issue.
Kukka, not wanting the rogue lunar to be a threat again, launches a volley at the incapacitated lunar, killing her.
Chari leads a ceremony to make sure the spirit of Sahra comes back clean through the reincarnation cycle.
The circle heads back to the city to regroup, and Haven states her desire to remain in the manse after the circle moves on from Mistvale, hoping to train and temper Jenna’s impulsive behaviors.
>End Arch: The Unexplained Murders of Mistvale.

Session Experience:

Haven 10
Kukka 10
Jayden 10
Marina 10
Sonza 10
Tank 10

The Coming Dawn Ep. 9
Defending Home.

Location: Centek, Coastal area north of Centek
Characters: Joyous Unfettered Ivory, Silent Northern Starfall, Krailyn Zgyr, Tamlyn, Diathias, Forsaken River.
Notable NPCs: Captain Raven, Forest’s Timeless Breath.
Enemies: Crew of the Pelfor, Crew of the Nightcrest, Captain Peleps Nedal, Captain Peleps Taramo.

  • Captain Raven asked the circle to find the other boats.
  • Forest scouts ahead, and comes back to let the circle know where they are going, and that he needs a better set of eyes to see what is on the boats.
  • Forsaken River volunteers to go scout with Forest.
  • Forsaken River walks the beach, pretending to look for shells and inspects the ships to make out what numbers they have on board.
  • He is asked to leave by the guards protecting the smaller boats for relaying troops to the boats.
  • Tamlyn arrives and goes up to the guards pretending to be wounded and one of the captain’s servants, claiming that the battle was a massacre.
  • Tamlyn is loaded on a boat to sort things out with the captain.
  • The rest of the circle arrives.
  • Krail places Diathas in chains, and leads him to the beach in his wagon, leaving the rest of the group in hiding on a dune-like hill overlooking the beach.
  • Krail tells the guards he has captured an Anathema, and drained it of its essence rendering it impotent.
  • The guards hesitantly load Diathas and two guards into one boat, Krail and one guard in another leaving one man standing guard at the shore.
  • Tamlyn’s boat slows to ask what is going on and Tamlyn fingers Diathas as one of the Anathema present on the battlefield.
  • They arrive on their respective ships.
  • Tamlyn goes totemic below deck with Diathus.
  • Diathus breaks his bonds, and subdues the crew in the hold with him.
  • The rest of the circle sees this as a sign to attack the ships, rushing the boats on the shore.
  • The guard on the shore begins sending boats adrift in response to the attack, but is struck down by Silent Northern Starfall.
  • Joyous Unfettered Ivory hops in one of the boats and rows to the ship. Silent jumps onto a boat, using his momentum to get him further ahead, while River just runs along the water toward the ship that Tamyln was not on.
  • The cicle takes both ships with limited resistance on the part of either captain or crew through clever manipulation and sworn oaths.
  • They are informed that the hold beneath the siege weapons holds have the families of the soldiers that were sent to attack the city.
  • The circle sends boats back for the support troops.
    *The circle begins their trip back to Centek, victorious.

>End Arch: The Siege of Centek.

Session Experience:

Ivory 10
Silent 10
Krail 10
Tamlyn 10
Diathias 10
River 10

The Coming Dawn Ep. 8

Location: Centek
Characters: Ivory, Silent, Krail, Tamlyn, Isaiah, River
Notable NPCs: Forest, Captain Raven
Enemies: 300 Normal Soldiers, 5 Dragon Blooded

Session Experience:

Ivory 5
Silent 5
Krail 5
Tamlyn 5
Diathias 5
River 5

4 General, 1 Army Killing Badassery!

Restoration Ep. 30
Calibration Day 2, Part 3

Characters: Haven, Jaden, Kukka, Marina, Sonza, Tank.
Notable NPCs:

Session Experience:


The Coming Dawn Ep. 7
Reinforcements and Escalation

Location: Centek
Characters: Ivory, Silent, Krail, Tamlyn, Isaiah, River
Notable NPCs: Forest
Enemies: Iyutha: The Vitriolic Dragon, Dragon-Blooded Fleet (x2)

Session Experience:

Ivory 5
Silent 5
Krail 2
Tamlyn 5
Diathias 5
River 5


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