The Dayne Clan


Iselsi Dayne: Oldest of the four children of the Dayne family, Iselsi has taken it upon herself to run the family business whilst helping Sonza in his travels. She has tried to talk her half-brothers from ruining the family name by pursuing Sonza, but to no avail.

She currently resides in Lookshy’s market district where she makes, repairs and manages the arsenals of high ranking officials in the area. She is the only one that remembers completely the circumstances behind the loss of their mother, she made sure that Sonza knew there was more to it than was let on, and that is one of the many reasons that she is helping her brother in his search for the truth

Iselsi is 30 years old, born 3 years before Sonza. She was 8 years old when their mother left for the Realm to work on an archaeological expedition.

Sonza Dayne: 27 years old Sonza was always skilled physically and was a cunning child. From the time he was 5 until he was 10 he spent a great deal of time with his Father while the esteemed Dragon-Blood made connections in the black market and less legal venues to maintain his failing business without his mother. When his father remarried and bore his twin half-brother’s Cathak and Ragarak Sonza’s father gradually phased the illegal aspects of his business out and returned to walking the straight and narrow. Sonza on the other hand had made friends with several of the criminals who looked at him as something of a protege. They continued to teach him various nefarious skills.

Despite his lack of Exaltation Sonza’s father continued taking him along on expeditions to gather new artifacts. Sonza’s skill with the sword ensured that he was a useful member of the group, as did his ability to sneak into various locations unnoticed. 3 years ago when Sonza’s father passed away his brothers were horrified to learn that Sonza was given partial ownership of the family artifact business with his sister Iselsi. This has caused a severe grudge between Sonza and his little brothers that has only grown worse since Sonza’s Exaltation as a Solar over a year ago.

Upon his Second Breath Sonza and his sister Iselsi arranged for Sonza’s share of the family business to revert to her instead of passing down to his younger brothers. This gave her total control of the family business and placed Cathak, Ragarak and their Mother on a meager stipend. The younger family members haven’t been able to overcome the ruling because Iselsi is of a much higher breeding than they are and their rash actions in chasing down Sonza has caused them to irritate several people in authority. Nevertheless they managed to swing enough weight that Sonza has declared a black marketeer and an illegal artifact trader within the walls of Lookshy and he is known as a wanted criminal in that area.

Cathak Dayne: As the middle child Cathak had to work twice as hard as his brothers to prove himself. As he wasn’t in line to inherit anything from his father, he was ecstatic when Sonza failed to achieve his exaltation as a dragon-blooded. He surely thought this would mean that the family business would fall to him, but that didn’t mean that he was any less relentless in his efforts for approval. Even though Sonza failed to exalt, he still remained their father’s favorite, probably because Sonza reminded him of his late wife and her passion for acquiring new artifacts for repair. Also focusing more on retrieval, Cathak trained his younger brother to do the same, and left running the shop and repairing the artifacts to his sister and his father.

Ragarak Dayne: Youngest son of the Dayne family line in Lookshy, Ragarak was heavily influenced by his brother Cathak Dayne, and turned against their fluke of an older brother Sonza. While he and Cathak were children of their father’s second marriage, and only half siblings with Sonza and Iselsi, he took quite a liking to his older sister. While he is helping his brother to find Sonza and reacquire their perceived birthright, he does not hold quite the level of contempt for Sonza his brother does. He is helping Cathak to help bring his family back together, or at least restore some normalcy to the situation. He is worried that Sonza’s actions, and his sister aiding him will lead to a complete disgrace of the Dayne name.

Cathak and Ragarak are 19 year old twins. Though their different elemental heritage makes it clear which is which, both are physically larger than their brother Sonza, though only by a few inches. Cathak has always been the angrier of the two, brooding over his position in life, resenting his Mother’s low breeding which ensured that he and his twin were not as powerful as Iselsi or their Father. He boiled with resentment for the two years that Sonza was in charge of the expeditions to recover artifacts despite his mortal status, but was unable to overturn Iselsi’s decisions. The fact that Sonza was good at it just made it worse. When Sonza achieved his second breath in Nexus Cathak snapped and physically assaulted Sonza, but was unable to kill him. Sonza slipped away in the confusion and Cathak has vowed to keep him from shaming the Dayne name. When the twins returned to Lookshy and discovered that Sonza had beaten them home and managed to transfer his ownership to Iselsi, Cathak was enraged. He saw it as a deliberate plot by Iselsi and Sonza to keep the twins from their birthright, a heritage they had worked with for years. Ragarak’s loyalty to Iselsi and calming influence preventing a family feud from erupting, but even Ragarak felt betrayed that the twins did not receive Sonza’s share of the business. Feeling compelled to keep his brother safe Ragarak left with Cathak to track down Sonza and right the slight they feel he did them. While Ragarak loves and trusts Iselsi, he cannot understand why she is willing to fund a Solar against her own people, for Sonza’s issues with the Dragon-Blooded are not secret.

History: Tamarak and Torayn Dayne were a well bred pair. Tamarak established a profitable business repairing and maintaining artifacts, even creating a few minor ones in his rare spare time. A Dragon-Blood of impeccable breeding he served well in Lookshy’s army and married at the age of 25 to a researcher of equal (if not greater) breeding. Torayn was a scholar, a Dragon-Blooded herself she was versed in a number of languages and considered a valued and valuable researcher and historian of the First Age. Torayn had a gift when it came to identifying Artifacts, determining their history and purpose. With her guiding the expeditions and Tamarak running the business the Dayne Artifact Company was a great success. A year after their marriage Torayn gave birth to their first child. Older than Tamarak she was 31 at the time. Eight years later she received a mysterious offer to travel into the Realm and work on an research assignment that supposedly would outstrip any in her career. Over Tamarak’s protests, she left. By that time she had a 5 year old son as well as her 8 year old daughter. Torayn’s expedition was never heard from again. Within 2 months Tamarak received a missive claiming that the expedition’s ship was destroyed without ever reaching the coast of the Realm, but the letter gave no news as to who sent it, or how it was known to have happened. Tamarak was heart-broken. His business slumped and he turned to darker pursuits. Several smugglers and black market traders took advantage of his weakness and his company’s reputation took a serious hit. It took 3 years and a new marriage to a Dragon-Blooded named Kataria before Tamarak took control of his life once more. Some people noticed Kataria was very visibly pregnant at the wedding, but not many made much of it. Tamarak cleaned up his business practices and threw his energy into renewing his expeditions and artifact trade. His 13 year old daughter Iselsi became his apprentice, a girl of extreme talent when it came to dealing with artifacts. His 10 year old son Sonza was a reliable worker, and quick of hands and wit. Kataria was left behind with the twins often at first, until they were old enough to travel with him. Kataria herself never felt the need to join on the family expeditions. 14 years later Tamarak died, despite being only 53 years of age. The exact details of his death were never made public. Kataria was stunned to discover that she did not gain control of the Dayne Artifact Company, as she had assumed. Joint Ownership was established between Iselsi and her mortal brother Sonza. Kataria retired to some corner of Lookshy and seems to have become engaged in the pursuit of vice and bitterness ever since. An attitude which gnaws at Cathak, her loyal son. 2 years after Tamarak died, on a routine expedition to Nexus, the Dayne boys were attacked by Beastmen. Cathak and Ragarak, despite being only 17 (almost 18) were fully trained Dragon-Blooded and experienced adventurers. Their brother Sonza, 25, was a skilled swordsman and duelist. During the battle Sonza exploded with the light of the Unconquered Sun and the Beastmen were slaughtered. Realizing what was going on and overcome by rage Cathak attacked his older brother, only to be humiliatingly disarmed and kicked aside. Ragarak stepped in to prevent Cathak from being injured but Sonza had no desire to kill his brother and took the moment of confusion to flee, somehow cloaking himself and vanishing. Nursing their wounds and re-organizing the expedition the Dayne twins returned to Lookshy, expecting Sonza to be stripped of his ownership and disowned as the Solar he was. Instead they found that Sonza’s ownership had been transferred in full to Iselsi and their own shares had not changed a bit. Cathak vowed vengeance upon Sonza and has been looking for him ever since. Ragarak, determined to prevent his twin from being killed accompanies him, though he struggles to understand why Iselsi would side with their Solar brother over true Dragon-Blood kinship.

The Dayne Clan

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