Human Allies

The Town of Misvale:

This town in the east of creation has dedicated itself to helping, and training in some cases, of Solars. The general populace is comprised of members of the Cult of the Illuminated, led by Magistrate Ico. After the time that the Restoration Circle has spent in the town training, and teaching them, they have become devoted to them. The people of Mistvale are now a sizable force to be reckoned with, with a standing guard of approximately 150 mortals, and the general populace of 3500, both trained in the ways of battle. While they are dedicated to the Circle, their faith is to the ideals and potential Solars stand for… for now.


This 8 year old girl was used by Cathak to bind Haven into his service as a healer. Knowing that someone who has taken a position of a healer would be inlikely to injure an innocent for her own gain and freedom, he then fitted her with the Bonds of Etheria to make sure she would remain compliant. Jenna is short for her age standing a scant 3 feet tall, with red hair nearly to her knees. Her eyes are a soft blue.
In the weeks following her arrival to the circle the group has taken her in as a pseudo daughter to some. She had begun learning the ways of books from Haven, sword play from Sonza and Tank, and a bit of etiquette from Marina.
Unfortunately for Jenna, her bracelet poses a much greater threat to the group than anticipated with the removal of the bond from her and Haven being a top priority. Several failed experiments to remove the artifact has left the girl none worse the wear, but she also has not endured the brunt of the injury.
The proposed that they try having Sonza’s sister, Iselsi, break the artifact to the basest of components. A failed attempt to do a similar procedure on Sonza resulted in the entire circle inexplicably going completely insane to all outside observers, resulting in Sonza quite nearly cutting completely through Jenna’s arm in the woods outside of Mistvale. The wound was quickly closed by Kukka.

The Old Man:

Little is known about the old man that the Restoration Circle released from the prison in Sijan. His frail, and wasting body barely was able to carry him in the escape. He currently is residing in Mistvale’s Infirmary receiving treatment for his malnourished and injured state.


A human guard captain from the town of Hillcrest. Jarrin was convinced by Emerald Razor to leave his town after the circle destroyed the Dragon-Blooded leaders of the town. He immediately joined the Redemption Circle on their quest to the city of Crystal. He now serves as a driver, cook, and scout for the circle. He his of average height with short military cut black hair.

Human Allies

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