Restoration of Creation

Episode 3
Out of the Forest; Into the Plains

Location: 160 miles east of Port Calin
Characters: Haven, Jaden, Kukka, Marina, Sonza, Tank.
Notable NPCs: None
Enemies: Human Bandit (6)

Session Experience:
Jaden 4
Tank 4
Kukka 4
Sonza 4
Haven Not Present 2

Episode 2
The First Steps

Into the Sunrise…

Location: Port Calin
Characters: Tank, Kukka, Sonza, Jaden, Haven,

Traveling eastward from Port Calin to the Solar Tomb,

Session Experience:
Tank 6
Kukka 5
Jaden Not Present (2)
Sonza 5
Haven 5

Episode 1
The Journey Begins

Location: Port Calin
Characters: Haven – Amber Vulture, Jaden Phoenix, Kukka Capucine, Marina Yavo, Sonza Dayne, Tank – The Invincible Sun.

Dock District: Kukka arrived early to the meeting, a small piece of jade with a time and place etched into its surface. If it wasn’t for the fact the mayor had told him he should go, he would have preferred to avoid the city entirely. A scant few yards away a man was screaming at a boat worker. Distracted by the bustle of the docks he was barely able to notice the approach of the man to his side. The man told him to meet him at the Swaggaring Monkey Tavern at nightfall.

Jaden, sent to Port Calin by the Guild to look into missing cargo on some of the outsourced transport ships from the south. While “discussing” the discordance in the manifest, he was approached by a guard and told he needed to bring his concerns to the city advocate’s office the next day. With that the guard left to get a magistrate to address the situation and make the arrangements for mediation. A few moments later a man in silken robes of purples and blues. Giving Jaden a warning that if he continued his actions he might draw the attention of the Dragon-Blooded in the city. The man then offered Jaden a potential business venture and asked him to meet at the Swaggering Monkey Tavern at nightfall.

Sonza while waiting at the docks notices a strange man standing inconspicuously next to a street sign.
He noted that the man caught no one’s eye. Sneaking up behind the man, and activating a charm to be unobserved by anyone, to listen to listen in on the conversation with Jaden and Kukka. After he finishes his conversations he turns and speaks directly to Sonza, telling him he should be more careful about activating such powerful boons where others might see. He then nodded in the direction of the Tavern, and told him that he should meet him there if he’s like to hear a promising proposal. Turned on his heels and left, whistling a

Warehouse District: Haven, sitting on her trusted wolf companion, was carving toys for the local orphans from some driftwood when she was approached by a man. He courteously informed her that she might want to keep a lower profile, as there were soon to be some patrols coming through the area. He also told her that he’d like to offer her the option to help people in a grater capacity. After drawing her a crude map in the dirt to the Swaggering Monkey Tavern (asking her to meet him there at dusk), bid her good day.

Magistrate’s Circle: Sitting in an upscale home of a Dragon-Blooded merchant, Marina found herself becoming increasingly bored with the scene. As the minstrel idly plucked the stings of his instrument, Marina looked up to see a tall lanky man in fine silk taking a cup of tea from a slave of the merchant. He sat next to Marina and offered her a smile. They talked for a few moments before he hinted he knew of her Solar status, letting her know that it might be better for her if they talked more on the subject elsewhere.

Swaggaring Monkey Tavern- one Hour before sunset: Kukka arrived early to see a large beast of a man, Tank, sitting at the bar, an Orichalcum sword leaning against the stool next to him. As mortals shuffled in to have a drink after their day at the docks, he would wager they could not pick up his sword to attack him with it. Many tried, and a few managed to hurt themselves in the process, which made the man roar with laughter. About fifteen minutes later, Haven entered the bar, and got quite a few odd stares from the patrons. Seeing the injured men, she immediately got to work, helping to patch them up. Shortly after Sonza entered, his charm reactivated. Marina also arrived early, taking a seat and ordering a drink.

Jaden was next, and last, to arrive. He sat at the bar and took note of the blade of the man next to him, and noticed that the bartender seemed to be un-phased by it. He reached into his pack and pulled out an Orichalcum gateway piece and placed it on the bar. After hinting that he too might be a chosen capable of using a similar material, Haven also sat at the bar.

The group waited for the better part of an hour. The silken clad man arrived at the bar, and the bartender nodded to him, and the main made his way up the stairs. The bartender pointed at the group, including Tank, and asked them to head upstairs.

Once in the room, the man closed the door behind them and activated a charm so they could speak freely. He told them that he worked with a group that sought to restore Creation to the way it was before the Solars were purged. But before he could do that, the group would have to venture to a lost Solar tomb. Their journey would provide them with the tools they’d need to show the whole of Creation and Yu-shan that they intended to restore the world back to its previous glory.

Session Experience:
Jaden 4
Haven 4
Sonza 4
Tank 5
Kukka 4


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