Sonza Gear

the loot


Sonza has 7.5 days of rations for each member of the circle (45 days worth total)
2 Buff Jackets
6 Knives
6 basic camping sets (on top of each individual persons gear)
1 Jade Obol worth 8 Koku (approx 1 month’s wages for a peasant)
50 Dinars worth 52 Koku (approx 52 months’ wages for a peasant)(Payment for stolen silk)
A set of Jade toys (a cart and a spinning top) (looted from Dragon-Blood Mayor)
a small collection of gold and gem jewelry (looted from Dragon-Blood Mayor)
1 wedding ring (stolen from Dragon-Blood Mayor)
2 rings (1 gold 1 copper, taken from his previous body)
1 regular short bow (Originally Marina’s)

Sonza also has a reaper daiklave, an orichalcum sling and a pair of orichalcum bracers.
He distributed a short orichalcum power bow to Marina
a orichalcum torque to Haven
a pair of jade bracers to Jayden
and a long orichalcum powerbow to Kukka
Marina also received a set of Silk Armor
Tank acquired a suit of articulated plate armor


Much of the belongings gathered by the party came from either the band of bandits that attacked them or from the Solar’s Tomb that they visited at the behest of the Gold Faction Sidreal. Most of the Jewelry and wealth Sonza has acquired has come from his own gathering skills as a Night Caste.

Despite the fact that Sonza is working hard gathering a resource base to support the Circle he has received a great deal of criticism about his methods from some of the others in the Circle.

Sonza Gear

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