Ragarak Dayne

Spiteful Younger Brother


Height: 5’9’’
Build: Athletic
Skin: Reddish-tan
Hair: Red at the base, yellow at the tips
Eyes: Orange
Aspect: Fire Breeding ooo


Youngest son of the Dayne family line in Lookshy, Ragarak was heavily influenced by his brother Cathak Dayne, and turned against thier fluke of an older brother Sonza. While him and Cathak were children of their father’s second marriage, and only half siblings with Sonza and Iselsi, he took quite a liking to his older sister. While he is helping his brother to find Sonza and reacquire their perceived birthright, he does not hold quite the level of content for Sonza his brother does. He is helping Cathak to help bring his family back together, or at least restore some normalcy to the situation. He is worried that Sonza’s actions, and his sister aiding him will lead to a complete disgrace of the Dayne name.

Ragarak Dayne

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