Iselsi Dayne

The Loving Sister


Height: 6’
Build: Slender
Skin: Grey-blue
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Aspect: Earth Breeding oooo


Oldest of the four children of the Dayne family, Iselsi has taken it upon herself to run the family business whilst helping Sonza in his travels. She has tried to talk her half-brothers from ruining the family name by pursuing Sonza, but to no avail.

She currently resides in Lookshy’s market district where she makes, repairs and manages the arsenals of high ranking officials in the area. She is the only one that remembers completely the circumstances behind the loss of their mother, she made sure that Sonza knew there was more to it than was let on, and that is one of the many reasons that she is helping her brother in his search for the truth.

Iselsi Dayne

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