Cathak Dayne

Spiteful Brother


Height: 5’9’’
Build: Athletic
Skin: Light with a slight blue.
Hair: Light blue
Eyes: Pale Blue
Aspect: Air Breeding ooo


As the middle child Cathak had to work twice as hard as his brothers to prove himself. As he wasn’t in line to inherit anything from his father, he was ecstatic when Sonza failed to achieve his exaltation as a dragon-blooded. He surely thought this would mean that the family business would fall to him, but that didn’t mean that he was any less relentless in his efforts for approval. Even though Sonza failed to exalt, he still remained their father’s favorite, probably because Sonza reminded him of his late wife and her passion for acquiring new artifacts for repair. Also focusing more on retrieval, Cathak trained his younger brother to do the same, and left running the shop and repairing the artifacts to his sister and his father.

Years later, their father passed away, leaving the store and artifacts to Sonza and his sister, Iselsi, leaving little in the way of actual money to Cathak and Ragarak.

While on a routine trip to Nexus, the three brothers encountered a group of beastmen and after dispatching them, Sonza achieved his second breath as a chosen of the Unconquered Sun. Shortly thereafter, Sonza left with the titles and deeds to the family business.

Sonsa’s Second Breath just sealed the deal, and his actions condemned him in the eyes of his brothers. Cathak is now using his remaining money to hunt Sonza down.

Cathak Dayne

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