Restoration of Creation

The Coming Dawn Ep. 9

Defending Home.

Location: Centek, Coastal area north of Centek
Characters: Joyous Unfettered Ivory, Silent Northern Starfall, Krailyn Zgyr, Tamlyn, Diathias, Forsaken River.
Notable NPCs: Captain Raven, Forest’s Timeless Breath.
Enemies: Crew of the Pelfor, Crew of the Nightcrest, Captain Peleps Nedal, Captain Peleps Taramo.

  • Captain Raven asked the circle to find the other boats.
  • Forest scouts ahead, and comes back to let the circle know where they are going, and that he needs a better set of eyes to see what is on the boats.
  • Forsaken River volunteers to go scout with Forest.
  • Forsaken River walks the beach, pretending to look for shells and inspects the ships to make out what numbers they have on board.
  • He is asked to leave by the guards protecting the smaller boats for relaying troops to the boats.
  • Tamlyn arrives and goes up to the guards pretending to be wounded and one of the captain’s servants, claiming that the battle was a massacre.
  • Tamlyn is loaded on a boat to sort things out with the captain.
  • The rest of the circle arrives.
  • Krail places Diathas in chains, and leads him to the beach in his wagon, leaving the rest of the group in hiding on a dune-like hill overlooking the beach.
  • Krail tells the guards he has captured an Anathema, and drained it of its essence rendering it impotent.
  • The guards hesitantly load Diathas and two guards into one boat, Krail and one guard in another leaving one man standing guard at the shore.
  • Tamlyn’s boat slows to ask what is going on and Tamlyn fingers Diathas as one of the Anathema present on the battlefield.
  • They arrive on their respective ships.
  • Tamlyn goes totemic below deck with Diathus.
  • Diathus breaks his bonds, and subdues the crew in the hold with him.
  • The rest of the circle sees this as a sign to attack the ships, rushing the boats on the shore.
  • The guard on the shore begins sending boats adrift in response to the attack, but is struck down by Silent Northern Starfall.
  • Joyous Unfettered Ivory hops in one of the boats and rows to the ship. Silent jumps onto a boat, using his momentum to get him further ahead, while River just runs along the water toward the ship that Tamyln was not on.
  • The cicle takes both ships with limited resistance on the part of either captain or crew through clever manipulation and sworn oaths.
  • They are informed that the hold beneath the siege weapons holds have the families of the soldiers that were sent to attack the city.
  • The circle sends boats back for the support troops.
    *The circle begins their trip back to Centek, victorious.

>End Arch: The Siege of Centek.

Session Experience:

Ivory 10
Silent 10
Krail 10
Tamlyn 10
Diathias 10
River 10


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