Restoration of Creation

The Coming Dawn Ep. 14 & 15

But for a price...

Location: Nexus
Characters: Joyous Unfettered Ivory, Silent Northern Starfall, Krailyn Zgyr, Tamlyn, Diathias, Forsaken River, Nyela, Silver Rose.
Notable NPCs: Mah, Rybnyk, Nyliark.

Tamlyn and Silent went to seek out slavers, for their “damaged” goods.
Met with a man named ______, a slaver, and making a deal for his damaged goods.
Outside a man tells them how to get to Mah’s Home Slaves Emporium after being asked where to find a female slaver.
They arrive at Mah’s establishment, Silent stays with the weapons, Tamlyn is taken to Mah’s bookkeeper, Nyliark, who gave Tamlyn the rules for speaking to Mah.
Tamlyn goes to meet with Mah and finds himself in a bit of a pickle.
Tamlyn comes back down from the meeting, an hour later, thoroughly drugged up, and heads back to the ship with Silent.
Rose set out to get her belongings moved to the ship, especially the gift passed down from her ancestors. She then got her other effects, and house in order in preparation for the trip.

Evening- day 5:
Rose’s heirloom and her belongsings arrive, Diathias and Silent decide to give the substantial mortal moving crew a break from the lifiting and take the crate themselves.
Diathias leaves Silent standing alone with the crate: Rose has a heart attack.
100 women arrive at the ships, calling to meet with Tamlyn, who is too high to care at the time.
Krail claims to be Tamlyn, seeing a business opportunity.
Diathias talks him out of it.
Diathias takes Tamlyn to the infirmary to tie him to the sugeon’s table so he does not fall into the water, or hurt himself in the process, forcing Tamlyn to sober himself up, gaining him limit.
Tamlyn meets with the woman, she hands him a letter from Mah, he tells her the situation and has them sent to the rear boat for their lodging, then has the newly arriving sickly slaves loaded into the infirmary. Sends the slavers to Krail for their payment aboard The Shore Leave.
Diathias leads the men to Krail, and Krail reluctantly agrees to the terms for payment.
Diathias escorts them to the ship and stresses the concequences for actions against the girls on The Shore Leave.
Tamlyn gets to work healing the sick.

River, having left the ship, pursues his mark, and begins scouting the layout of his property to find that the guard appears to have been doubled, and heightened.
He sneaks over and is forced to kill a guard who was about to raise the alarm, but River was not quite quick enough, and he was able to make some noise before he died.
More guards arrive to investigate the situation and find their comrade dead, and raise the alarm.
The captain of the guard comes to investigate, and after looking over the body, deems the man died of severe food poisoning.
An individual guard calls the captain out on his bad deduction and is sent to a room at the far end of the grounds to have his attitude “adjusted.”
River climbs the wall to the house to the largest window on the third floor, with gold curtain: likely the room of his mark.
After spending time to remove one of the panes from its housing, he listens into the room to see if he can hear any signs of movement and realizes that one of the 2 people in the room is not breathing in the rhythm of a person that is asleep.
River creeps into the room and over to the bedside of the person who seems to have been awakened by thr commotion outside and strikes him three times in the throat with his claws, killing the man instantly.
The second figure in the bed wakes from the commotion and begins screaming, River dispatches her with 2 blows to the chest, grabs the short jade Daiklave that the mark had stashed under his pillow, and quickly leaps from the window to a nearby building and into the night, as the guards break the door to the bedroom down.

Ivory and Diathias head out to the arena do blow off steam.

Session Experience:

Ivory 2 + 4 = 6
Silent 4 + 4 = 8
Krail 4 + 4 = 8
Tamlyn 4 + 4 = 8
Diathias 4 + 2 = 6
River 2 + 4 = 6
Nyela 2 + 4 = 6
Rose 4 + 4 = 8


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