Restoration of Creation

The Coming Dawn Ep. 10

Rest, Relaxation and the strategic Redistrobution of wealth

Location: Centek, Centek Region
Characters: Ivory, Silent, Krail, Tamlyn, Diathias, River,
Notable NPCs: Isaiah, Weathered Obsidian Shoreline, Koto Ei (Book Bitch), Captain Peleps Nedal, Captain Peleps Taramo, Ginger, Page Jade Spark,
Enemies: N/A

After returning home from “commandeering” the enemy’s ships, the Pelfor and the Nightcrest, and their respective crews the circle decided to take a much needed rest. Tamlyn, after checking on the refugees in the hold, went to the captain and boosted further the moral of the townsfolk of Centek through the strategic use of charms. Joyous Unfettered Ivory went to seek out pastries to sate her hunger, and then went to stay the evening at Krail’s mansion. Krail and Silent Northern Starfall helped the ship captains and their crews to unload the refugees and find them suitable housing. Diathas, on the other hand, went to pay the Earth Aspect that he had faced on the battle field the prior day a visit. He offered the Dragon-Blooded a deal which might win him his freedom: if the Dragon-Blooded could survive a week of facing him in combat, Diathas would let the warrior go on the eighth morning forgiven for his crimes against Lookshy.
On his way home from the ship, Forsaken River was paid a visit by his increasingly innocuous guild contact and told that he had a new mark, the one that got away: Isaiah. Thinking back on his interactions with the mountain of a man, Forsaken River was able to deduce that the best course of action was to poison his former comrade and frame an enemy insurgent for the murder. Forsaken River waited outside for Isaiah to leave his home later that evening, using a charm to disengage the lock. Forsaken River then stalked into the home, without either Koto Ei or Jade Spark noticing his presence, and poisoned the houses tea and food with Arrow Frog Venom. After an hour of waiting in the shadows his mark returned from his excursion, roughed up Koto Ei for falling asleep on the job, and retired to his study to continue his research on the Soulsteel coin he had acquired a few weeks prior. Some time went by when suddenly a book was flung from upstairs, hitting Koto in the head. Koto got up and went to fetch his master his evening tea and bread in a nearly robotic method. Isaiah took the poisoned tea and bread pausing momentarily after taking his fist sip of the tea, swishing the liquid around in his mouth, shrugged, and drained the cup of it’s contents. The venom went to it’s work with haste, Isaiah immediately noticed the toxin’s effect. He then stared accused his book bitch of poisoning him. It was at this time Forsaken River made himself known only to Isaiah, indicating that it was, in fact, River that had poisoned him. In his last breaths, Isaiah reached for Koto and tried to throw the assistant at his new foe, but was unable to work through the pain the toxin had inflicted on him. Now completely overtaken by the venom ,and thrown off balance, Isaiah and Koto both fell down the stairs, Isaiah unconscious and dying by the time he hit the floor at the base of the staircase. Forsaken River then walked up to his mark and inflicted a grievous wound on his mark which filled his lungs with additional blood. He then checked to see if Koto was a liability that needed to be addressed but luckily for the assistant, he was unconscious from the fall as well. The young page, Jade Spark, stopped his practice with the martial arts dummy in the upstairs training room to see if he heard any more commotion. Assuming that the noise was merely another one of Koto’s “lessons” the boy went back to his training. To prove he had finished his contract for the guild, Forsaken River removed Isaiah’s thumb, retreating the same way he came in: unnoticed.

Session Experience:

Ivory 4
Silent 4
Krail 4
Tamlyn 5
Diathias 4
River 5


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