Restoration of Creation

Restoration Ep. 31

Calibration Day 2, Part 4

Location: Mistvale, Mistvale Region
Characters: Haven, Jaden, Kukka, Marina, Sonza, Tank.
Notable NPCs: Jenna, Magistrate Ico, Sahra, Chari.

Sonza recovered the plan placing Jenna in custody, and took Tank to the predetermined space outside the city.
Tank made it look like he knocked Sonza unconscious and made a run for it into the woods only to be chased down by some large catlike creature.
Jayden, Chari, Sonza and Kukka all gave pursuit.
Sonza and Tank square off against the beast, nearly killing it just as Jayden and Chari(in animal form) arrive on the scene.
Chari expresses Sahra should be placed into custody, but seems hesitant on the issue.
Kukka, not wanting the rogue lunar to be a threat again, launches a volley at the incapacitated lunar, killing her.
Chari leads a ceremony to make sure the spirit of Sahra comes back clean through the reincarnation cycle.
The circle heads back to the city to regroup, and Haven states her desire to remain in the manse after the circle moves on from Mistvale, hoping to train and temper Jenna’s impulsive behaviors.
>End Arch: The Unexplained Murders of Mistvale.

Session Experience:

Haven 10
Kukka 10
Jayden 10
Marina 10
Sonza 10
Tank 10


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